Movie The Sopranos Commendatori () download free

Movie The Sopranos Commendatori download free! Book Title: The Sopranos Commendatori
Directors: Timothy Van Patten
Genre: Crime, Drama
Release Date: 2000-02-06
Runtime: 53 min
Stars: James Gandolfini,Lorraine Bracco,Edie Falco,James Gandolfini,Lorraine Bracco,Edie Falco
IMDb Rating: 8.7
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "The Sopranos Commendatori":

Tony, Paulie and Christopher go to Italy to discuss business with their counterparts in his recently acquired (from his Uncle Junior) business in exporting stolen cars. Tony pushes to meet the patriarch of his Italian counterparts but finds the man,

Movie The Sopranos Commendatori download free

DETAILS Full Cast and Crew Release Dates Official Sites Box Office/Business Company Credits Filming Locations Technical Specs Literature STORYLINE Taglines Plot Summary Synopsis Plot Keywords Parents Guide RELATED ITEMS NewsDesk External Sites OPINION Awards FAQ User Reviews User Ratings External Reviews Metacritic Reviews PHOTO & VIDEO Photo Gallery Trailers and Videos DID YOU KNOW? Trivia Goofs Crazy Credits Quotes Alternate Versions Connections Soundtracks The Sopranos (1999–2007) 8.7/10 1,917 4 user Rate This Commendatori  53min | Crime, Drama | Episode aired 6 February 2000 Season 2 | Episode 4 Previous All Episodes (86) Next if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitlePlotAndCreditSummaryWidget_started'); } Tony, Paulie and Chris travel to Naples to conduct a business deal, while Pussy becomes more stressed over trying to balance his secret lives. Director: Timothy Van Patten (as Tim Van Patten) Writers: David Chase (created by), David Chase Stars: James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco | See full cast & crew » if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitlePlotAndCreditSummaryWidget_finished'); } if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitleReviewsAndPopularityWidget_started'); } Reviews 4 user if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitleReviewsAndPopularityWidget_finished'); } if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitleOverviewWidget_finished'); } if (typeof uet == 'function') { uet("af"); } if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_atf_main'); } if (typeof uet == 'function') { uet("cf"); } window.generic = window.generic || {}; generic.alphalfaComponents = { "alphalfa-container.html" : "", "js/collections/alphalfa.js" : "" }; doWithAds(function(){ if ('dfp_slot' != 'injected_slot') { ad_utils.register_ad('top_rhs'); } }); ad feedback doWithAds(function(){ if ('dfp_slot' == 'injected_slot') { ad_utils.inject_ad.register('top_rhs'); } else { ad_utils.gpt.render_ad('top_rhs'); } }, "ad_utils not defined, unable to render client-side GPT ad or injected ad."); if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_atf_sidebar'); } if(typeof uet === 'function'){uet('bb','NinjaWidget',{wb:1});} IMDb's Superhero Guide It's a great time to be a superhero fan! 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Tony Soprano Lorraine Bracco ... Dr. Jennifer Melfi (credit only) Edie Falco ... Carmela Soprano Michael Imperioli ... Christopher Moltisanti Dominic Chianese ... Junior Soprano Vincent Pastore ... Salvatore 'Big Pussy' Bonpensiero Steven Van Zandt ... Silvio Dante Tony Sirico ... Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri Robert Iler ... A.J. Soprano (credit only) Jamie-Lynn Sigler ... Meadow Soprano Drea de Matteo ... Adriana La Cerva (credit only) David Proval ... Richie Aprile (credit only) Aida Turturro ... Janice Soprano Nancy Marchand ... Livia Soprano Sofia Milos ... Annalisa See full cast » if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitleCastWidget_finished'); } if (typeof uet == 'function') { uet("be", "TitleCastWidget", {wb: 1}); } if (typeof uex == 'function') { uex("ld", "TitleCastWidget", {wb: 1}); } if (typeof uet == 'function') { uet("bb", "TitleStorylineWidget", {wb: 1}); } if ('csm' in window) { csm.measure('csm_TitleStorylineWidget_started'); } Edit Storyline Tony, Paulie and Christopher go to Italy to discuss business with their counterparts in his recently acquired (from his Uncle Junior) business in exporting stolen cars. Tony pushes to meet the patriarch of his Italian counterparts but finds the man, Zi Vittorio, to be old and feeble-minded. He's even more surprised however when he realizes who is now in charge. As part of the deal, it's agreed that enforcer Furio Giunta will travel to the US and work for Tony's crew. Back in the US meanwhile, Pussy tells FBI Agent Skip Lipari about the trip and the stolen car business. Pussy's wife Angie isn't necessarily happy that he's back and she shocks Carmella and Rosalie Aprile by saying that she wants a divorce. Written by garykmcd


Reviews of the The Sopranos Commendatori

It is particularly fitting that this episode opens with Tony and his crew trying to watch a bootleg DVD of The Godfather on a player that doesn't work: no matter what the boss thinks, they will never be as classy as the gangsters in Coppola's masterpiece; perhaps the broken DVD player serves as a metaphor to indicate the huge distance between Vito Corleone and Tony Soprano, the glorious past and the murky present.

That the situation is radically different emerges from another fact as well: as Tony, Chris, Paulie and Silvio travel to Naples to discuss a deal with a distant relative, they discover said man is in worse shape than Uncle Junior and has put his daughter (Sofia Milos) in charge of the family affairs. Back in the old days, no one would have given all that power to a woman, and Tony, who has always believed in male dominance when it comes to his line of work, is shocked by this revelation, not least because it marks the first time he starts having sexual fantasies involving one of his business associates. In the meantime, Pussy is in an uncomfortable position of his own, as he finds it increasingly hard to cope with his new double life.

The most notable thing in Commendatori, aside from Paulie's lame attempts at speaking Italian, is the setting: a solid half hour of the show takes place in warm, sunny, gorgeous Naples, with the visuals providing an almost lyrical beauty that contrasts nicely with the grittier look of New Jersey. At the very beginning of the episode, Tony says his favorite scene in the Godfather trilogy is the one in Part II where young Vito returns to Sicily and kills his father's murderer in the most beautiful villa. Again, the thematic relevance is clear: the natural seductiveness of Southern Italy has very little to share with the blood-soaked legacy of America. Even Tony becomes aware of this, and expresses his reservations neatly while walking on the beach with the female boss. When asked if he wants to sleep with her (actually, she uses a more vulgar word), he replies: "Yes, I do. Very much. But I don't sh*t where I eat." Sonny Corleone wouldn't have come up with a better expression.

Movie The Sopranos Commendatori download free

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Movie The Sopranos Commendatori download free

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