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Movie Breaking Bad Full Measure download free! Book Title: Breaking Bad Full Measure
Directors: Vince Gilligan
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Release Date: 2010-06-13
Runtime: 47 min
Stars: Bryan Cranston,Anna Gunn,Aaron Paul
IMDb Rating: 9.6
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Breaking Bad Full Measure":

In the aftermath of killing the drug dealers, Walt has a tense meeting with Gus who makes it quite clear that his patience has reached its limit. Walt professes not to know the whereabouts of Jesse who he claims has fled the State. Gus chooses Walt's new assistant, who turns out to be Gale. Walt knows that as long as he's the only cook available, Gus will have to keep him alive...

Movie Breaking Bad Full Measure download free

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The second season of this show ended with a massive series of coincidences that produced a big event that rather cheapened the "flash-forwards" we had been given throughout the season, some loved the audacity of it but for me I prefer my audacious writing to also work within the context of the show. The third season sort of uses this event but not really and soon we are past it aside from the odd mention, but this doesn't mean the show doesn't confront the viewer with more of this style of delivery. I say this because we open with such a odd sight of people crawling through a Mexican town – a sight that we never totally understand except that some great authority exists here to make these people do it, and that that authority has it is for Walter White. So begins a season that sees Walt getting deeper into this world and understanding it better while also being held back by both Jessie and also the bits of his being where he still considers him a normal person.

This danger from Mexico is only part of the season because there is a lot going on here; Walt's relationship with Gus changing, Jessie's rash manner and small thinking putting them both at risk, Skyler coming to terms with reality and Hank making progress in his own personal case. I shan't talk about the details but suffice to say the season is engaging across the board, whether we have small dramas between the characters or a dramatic shoot-out. The balance is really good between events-driven story and smaller character-based things, so although it does have plenty of head-line action, it doesn't survive on these moment because the rest is just as good.

The writing isn't afraid to throw the viewer and although I think it was a little jarring, I did enjoy the way the show was not afraid to have an entire episode down in the basement doing something seemingly trivial – particularly in the shadow of much bigger events. Unfortunately there is still a certain amount of contrivance in the writing just as there was in the second season; one example being a woman that Jessie gets to know having a very specific connection to an event in the first season. Fortunately the season is more than strong enough to carry it through these sort of things because the majority of it works because it works within its own world. In the final few episodes in particular there are some dramatic changes to the characters and to their situations but although they feel sudden, they work because the characters have been changing and the viewer has been taken along with them. Walt in particular works very well. My girlfriend dropped out of this season because she said she no longer liked the main characters and I can see why she feels that way (although not why it stops her enjoying the show) because Walt is changing more and more as the plot goes on; it is odd to think back and remember him as the teacher just cooking in a RV without a thought for the bigger business.

This change is delivered well by Cranston, who shows here why he has been an awards regular since getting this role. He is able to keep the character we first knew but yet change him as events around him corrupt and alter him; it is a great performance that shows a real understanding of the character and the events. Paul is not quite as good because his character is not quite as good, although the bar is high and he does still do excellent work. Gunn has more to work with this season and is better for it while Esposito pitches his character well so that he is likable while also showing hints of the violent ruthlessness with which he must have got where he is. Banks and Odenkirk remain good finds but the biggest step up here is Norris' Hank. He is given a lot to do and he delivers whether it is a general inability to process his own fear into anything but anger or his drive to crack his case – I hope events do not limit his involvement in the fourth season as he has been excellent here.

This third season of Breaking Bad makes progress on top of a strong second season. The niggles are still there in the writing regards the contrivances but the approach is creative, engaging and seems to have confidence to try things out and grow. Breaking Bad remains a good story well told but it also delivers in regards moral complexity, tension, drama and characters – it is excellent television and I am looking forward very much to the fourth season.

Movie Breaking Bad Full Measure download free

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Movie Breaking Bad Full Measure download free

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