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Movie Angel Sense and Sensitivity download free! Book Title: Angel Sense and Sensitivity
Directors: James A. Contner
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Release Date: 1999-11-09
Runtime: 42 min
Stars: David Boreanaz,Charisma Carpenter,Glenn Quinn
IMDb Rating: 7.6
Country: USA
Language: English

Full movie description "Angel Sense and Sensitivity":

Kate lands in some hot water after she roughs up a prisoner named Little Tony. She and the entire police department are forced to go to sensitivity training. Unfortunatly, Little Tony's lawyers are Wolfram and Hart. They have a plan to set their client free by casting a spell on the whole police force. Soon, all the officers are expressing their true feelings and being so sensitive that lives are in danger. The gang at Angel Inc. tries to stop the chaos, but Angel quickly winds up in trouble of his own.

Movie Angel Sense and Sensitivity download free

Reviews of the Angel Sense and Sensitivity

This episode is only funny if you know Angel. He's usual so stiff and introverted, that when he suddenly starts urging people to express their feeling and conscientiously considering the bad guy's point of view, it's pretty hilarious. Most of the time, Angel is the straight man. Not that he can't be super funny, but he usually sort of builds on someone else's joke. "Sense and Sensitivity" has Angel supplying the comedy and Cordy and Doyle reacting to him. It works really well. This episode also introduces Kate's father and Lee, a lawyer at Wolfram and Hart, both whom will play a larger role later in the season. If you're watching the show on DVD, you shouldn't skip this episode.

"Sense and Sensitivity" revolves around a magic spell infecting the LAPD. Kate's after a gangster named Little Tony. She asks Angel for help and he tracks Little Tony down. Unfortunately, Little Tony's represented by Wolfram and Hart. Pretty soon, his lawyer is accusing Kate of unnecessarily harsh treatment, so the entire department has to go sensitivity training. However, being Wolfram and Hart, they have a supernatural trick up their sleeve. The course is conducted by a warlock, who is enchanting everyone with his "talking stick." Soon the entire police department is weeping, and sharing their feelings, and generally incapacitated. Which means that Little Tony can escape.

Meanwhile, Angel goes looking for the warlock and is accidentally infected himself. Cordy has been trying to get Angel to show more appreciation and some deeper feelings. But she certainly, never wanted him to be this sensitive. He's refusing to fight and keeps stopping to express himself, "I'm feeling unheard." Little Tony is staging an escape from jail. Doyle and Cordelia insist that they have to stop him and Angel reluctantly agrees. He and Kate finally fight Little Tony and his goons, saving the day. Wolfram and Hart cut ties with Little Tony. And everyone goes back to normal... well, normal-ish.

There are some really good parts to this episode. I like Angel trying to win Cordelia over by striving to be more sensitive. He stumbles over his words as he thanks her for looking through morgue files, until she finally announces, "Lame." Angel looks so dejected that I always smile. And I really like Kate's father's party. She breaks down crying in the middle of her speech. The cops are all infected, so they start arguing over her "break through." "She's abusing the process!" The police spend the rest of the episode dealing with their new feelings. Suddenly, they're advising the victim to listen to her mugger's point of view and composing poems for the prisoners. It's pretty funny. And Kate and Angel defeating Little Tony is also a riot. From Angel saying that Tony needs to be a rainbow, not a "painbow," to Kate sadly lamenting that some people really need to "live in the problem," it's just such a bizarre "fight scene" that I really enjoy it. Finally, the episode gets extra points for putting Angel in a Hawwian shirt and stupid hat. Not only does he look adorable, but it fits in really well with the BTVS season four episode "Doomed." Which is situated a just a few episodes from "Sense and Sensivtity." In "Doomed," Spike unsuccessfully tries to use a washing machine and ruins all his clothes. He's stuck wearing one of Xander's Hawwian shirts, which is hilarious. In "Sense and Sensitvity" Angel uses a very similar looking shirt as his "Herb Saunders from Baltimore" disguise. Spike and Angel are my favorite characters, so any time I can connect them, I'm pretty happy.

On the down side, I don't like Kate and I REALLY don't like her father. She's a shallow, annoying waste of time. And he's such a jerk, I'm already voting for vampires to eat him. Maybe, I'm biased because I know how the storyline turns out, but I wish they would just go away and not come back.

My favorite part of the episode: Angel infected by the "talking stick." Cordy and Doyle try and convince him to vamp out and fight, but he refuses. "You both withdrawal when I go vampire. I feel that you judge me and closeness is just too important to me right now." Then he hugs them. I laugh every time I watch their horrified reactions.

Movie Angel Sense and Sensitivity download free

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Movie Angel Sense and Sensitivity download free

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