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Movie Lost Girl Origin download free! Book Title: Lost Girl Origin
Directors: Steve DiMarco
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: 2014-02-09
Runtime: 45 min
Stars: Anna Silk,Kris Holden-Ried,Ksenia Solo
IMDb Rating: 7.5
Country: Canada

Full movie description "Lost Girl Origin":

Bo is reluctant to comply with her role in a prophecy foretold by an order of Knights, until advice from a surprising source helps her make a difficult decision.

Movie Lost Girl Origin download free

Reviews of the Lost Girl Origin

Now, when it comes to Lost Girl, I love this show. I love the characters, the mythos, the stories, everything about this show drips with a richness that I love about it. I sat through the entirety of the first four seasons joke, this is where I start to really hate Bo. Why? That gets a little complicated, spoilers if you haven't seen the season yet. Because this isn't as much an attack on just the one episode, more the entire second half of the season.

So at this point The Wanderer has revealed himself (as Rainer) and is Bo's new boy toy, this alone I could scream about for a good 15 minutes. She tries to get her friends on his side and they are all questionable about it. And honestly, why shouldn't they be? When they bring up he kidnapped her she answers "It wasn't like that" and they answer with the question "What was it like then?" "Its a long story." I'm all ears because I only saw this guy for the first time three episodes ago and that was the end so only 80 minutes have been devoted to this guy and this makes her willing to turn her back on her friends because "he's a nice guy"...By this point, I was screaming at the TV "YOU STUPID B*TCH!!!!"

So in the last episode (this is where major spoilers happen, so if you haven't got up to this part in the show yet...I'd say turn back NOW!) Hale gets killed by the Druid Kenzi owed money to for her short lived powers and to pay for them she accidentally gave a twig to that makes him immortal so he was able to come back from his firey torment the last time we saw him and now he's acting like Norman Bates as if played by Jeremy Irons from Dungeons And Dragons (but even if you look at it as a laugh, it isn't enough to salvage THIS). He took Hale's life so they're even and Kenzi wants to go revenge on his ass and yet Bo can't. Why? Rainer might die in a few days. Okay, Why is that priority number one?! Shouldn't the death of your best friend's fiancé be a little more important than your new f#ck bot? At least Dyson has an excuse that he wants to get information out of the guy (which he never actually gets) but still, Dyson reacts to the death of his best friend, you know, like its a big thing. Bo, however, is more concerned with Rainer because "why not?" If that wasn't enough to get me to completely alienate myself from Bo as a character completely(thats pretty impressive too, to do that after I've enjoyed her as a character for 4 years), to stop Rainer dying would mean unleashing hell itself on the world. Its not like this just happens at the end of the episode either, Lauren warns Bo of this (and Trick at the end of the last episode). Does our little Succubus care about this? Of course not! She just wants her boy toy to survive past his expiry date! I mean I guess it makes sense, its not like Rainer dies an episode later anyway...OH WAIT!

This is the point where this show just got too stupid for me and thats quite an accomplishment considering in the 4th season alone we saw Kenzi becoming a parent, Krampus turned into a candy craving man child and a hip hop dance off to the death. You know why that stuff isn't as stupid as this? Because there was always a sense that it belonged in the show. They've done stupid stuff like this before and it was always done funny without that much compromise. This is a betrayal of the main character to the point that even if I could relate to her, considering the dumb sh*t she does and how much she betrays her friends she's had since the show's inception, I wouldn't want to. Thats how bad the writing is. I'm going to now say something I have never said in a review before, if you like this, I implore you, send me a private message explaining why! I genuinely want to know!

Spoilers, again, what happens in the end is that Bo actually marries Rainer (just writing that made me cringe in anger!) and that unleashes hell. But here's the killer part, The Wanderer isn't the main bad guy, it was his lieutenant, who was only introduced in this episode, by the way, who manipulated them both into doing this. If Rainer actually put Bo under a mind control spell, I'd buy that because she kind of acts like he did and it would justify why she'd go help some guy she just met over her best friend (and why she'd slaughter the Unamends at the command of Rainer with no REAL justification for doing so). But what the next episode says is that rooting for Rainer was the RIGHT move and everyone else was wrong. Yep, the WANDERER who kidnapped her in season 3 and was banished to roam eternity by the Blood King himself, and was said to be pure evil by everyone before this is actually a good guy! Did anyone even READ the scripts to the previous season before making this sh*t?!

I really love this show. The first season is one of my personal favourite seasons of Television and Seasons 2 and 3, while at times dragged, they all still had that enjoyability factor that made them work and all still acted and felt like a legitimate season of Lost Girl. The first half of Season 4 was actually going along this path, but when they actually revealed Wanderer...this is actually making me question whether Season 5 is really worth watching.

Movie Lost Girl Origin download free

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Movie Lost Girl Origin download free

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