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Movie X-Large download free! Book Title: X-Large
Directors: Sherif Arafa
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Release Date: 2011-11-02
Stars: Ahmed Helmy,Donia Samir Ghanem,Ibrahim Nasr
IMDb Rating: 7.3
Country: Egypt
Language: Arabic

Full movie description "X-Large":

A young and very obese man "Magdi "«Ahmed Helmy» a cartoonist successful and talented, but he lives in a vacuum terrible, suffering being alone because of the magnitude of weight, and his inability to move, however it becomes a Wailing Wall for his friends who do not feel ashamed of suffering to him their own problems ,but he hopes to obtain impressive any reasonable girl, but this does not happen, so eating extremely and be creative in filling the stomach up to turn on the back, and is difficult for him to get up without help, one person realizes the size of problem of magdy, is his uncle Azmi or «Ibrahim Nasr» shared by the magnitude of the size, but he advised Magdi reducing weight, so as not to meet the same fate who suffers from multiple illnesses, and on top of that did not succeed in his private life, did not find a woman to accept him as a husband He spent his life being alone not filled except with food.

Movie X-Large download free

Reviews of the X-Large

"X-Large" simply refers to the biggest size in clothing, the one that oversteps the "Medium", and the meant here is the movie's lead character who is an obese young man. The movie is about that obese guy, his life, and his problems with declaring his love to the girl he loves because of his obesity. Could be a very good romantic comedy, with a new character and a message. But, sorrowfully, forget about any "good", "comedy", and "message" as well. Or, in more frank words, IT'S A TORTURE OF A MOVIE !!

Ahhhhhh, this movie is damn long, overstuffed, and very weary. Obviously, the script is replete with many, MANY, things :

Firstly, huge, so unfunny, dialog. Actually, none of the cast wanted to SHUT UP !! The whole actors in this movie talk, talk and talk endlessly. I swear to god, at one moment I got a headache, and to my surprise, I discovered in the end that that moment was about the movie's half !

If the movie is 140 minutes long, then Ahmed Helmy talked for 150 minutes ! I love Helmy, he's one of the best of his generation, however here he found nothing to make laughs with but blabbering on with the emptiest, silliest, most forced jokes ever, to an extant made me doubt; was it about an obese man, or a windbag ?!

Secondly, so unnecessary, and worse so unfunny, side characters. The movie has something between 10 and 15 side characters. Ask yourself, why the beggar ?! Why the girl's mom ?! They are so many and so bad; putting in mind that all of them had to TALK !!

Thirdly, more than enough, and – yes – so unfunny situations. E.g : Why the scene in the elevator ? Why to see the lead going to buy the cakes for his uncle, then coming back ? Why he has to talk in his sleep, every now and then ?! Then, a point that kills me : while being a comedy, the movie has 2 deaths, and a free burying scene. It isn't a black comedy to even think about doing this, twice ?? I believe the first death wasn't needed at all, or could have been replaced with any other event. As you see, this is disturbing and ridiculous after being basically superfluous !

Fourthly, is there any moral in it ? Well, it's not "There is". It's "There are"! Because it has a message about the negativity of being an overweight, and how getting thinner makes you healthier. And strangely it has, in the same time, another message about the importance of being yourself, since all the people, with their own differences, completes each other. So, why to get thinner and leave your own, very different, self ?!! OK, you can choose one of these messages to make a movie, but to contain both of them ??!! This made the whole case contradicting, and assured that this movie has "A LOT" of everything !

Director Sheriff Arafa is one of my favorites, and surely one of the most inventive directors in the history of the Egyptian cinema, who used to speak, if not poetize, visually in his movies. BUT THIS TIME, it's obvious, he was semi-mute ! As a little instance, for a very rare time in an Egyptian movie, the lead character is a cartoon artist, which made me dream about new and distinct image for the movie, where "image" expresses beside "sound". However this was done in the most limited areas. And eventually, "sound" didn't overstep "image"; it rather ate "image" ! Originally, how an experienced director such as Arafa didn't notice anything wrong with that script, and why didn't he slaughter at least half an hour of the filmed material in the editing room ?! This would have saved a graceful comedy to watch. So, with my shock in Helmy, imagine how I felt after bigger shock in Arafa too !

It's hard to be objective with a movie like this. But, as I said before, making a movie about fat guy, and cartoon artist, is kind of new in our cinema. Unlike his fat mask, with visible line on every cheek, Helmy's fat bodysuit was excellent. Ibrahim Nasr did some good acting. And… and I'm afraid this movie doesn't give more chances to utilize my, or any, objectivity !

Pure and simple, my hatred to this movie is X-Large, my fidgetiness out of it is X-Large, and my disappointment in it is X-Large. It's heavy movie and no funny comedy. And with the notable names of it—deplorable. What's worse than a movie about fat person, that's fat itself ?!!!!!

P.S : There was a religious fanatic character in the movie, named "Karm", who was being threatened all the time by his vague past. In older Sheriff Arafa movie, Al-irhab wal kabab (1993), there was a talk about unseen character, named "Karm", who used to pursue porn movies (he was mentioned quickly, by a small character; played by Mohamed Henedi). So, if you give it a little thinking, you'll know how that "Karm" lived his youth, in the limits of Arafa's cinematic realm.

Movie X-Large download free

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Movie X-Large download free

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